The end of the loudness wars

"The key is mastering for a volume-normalized world. When you, as a mastering engineer, realize what that limiter is going to do to your track when the playback software analyzes it and turns it down 11 dB, it will change the way you master. Forever."

Kandinsky's dubb teachings - contrasting sounds

Like many of Kandinsky's paintings, this one titled Accent in Pink is an ecosystem of colors, shapes and special fx. Or it might be the result of an alchemical process. This episode of Kandinsky's dubb teachings is about color, but before we talk about Kandinsky's colors let's see what is going on Accent in Pink in terms of 3D effects.


Scientific dancehall: heavyweight dancehall riddims in dub

SCIENTIFIC DANCEHALL ~ heavyweight dancehall riddims in dub

This is a little dub something i started over at Soundcloud. Feel free to contribute if you are a dub producer working with original classic dancehall riddims.


Viva Barefoot!

Stereotyp (Crunchtime, G-Stone) is a veteran producer from Vienna who has created his own dance music genre called Barefoot. Definition: funky bass music meets ragga ohne Hemmungen. Generation Bass has the full story here.