I-lodica ~ Judge gets the judgement

It's the Bigger Judgement! I-lodica & Makating with The Disciples, Dougie Conscious, Bush Chemists. Big tunes, fat analog dub mixes. Buy this release on Bandcamp. Then go visit the Sistine Chapel.


Preview ~ Windseeds in Dub

This is a little preview of the album 'Windseeds in Dub' forthcoming on Dubbhism Netlabel early 2013. Check out the original Windseeds album below or visit the official Bandcamp and Facebook pages.


Doom dub in fine style: D.E.A.D. ~ S.T.I.L.L. D.E.A.D.

"Like Tron on bath salts... unnerving but strangely satisfying (7/10)" Mixmag
"Haven’t heard an album as original as this for ages." Louder Than War
"Never heard anything quite like it. (4/5)" Norman Records
"Runs a neat line in pitch black electronic dub." The Quietus

Out now: Volfoniq Revisited

Surya Exp Duo ~ Trigunam

Analog time, hippie alert, synths and drones, tablas and sitars, tune in, drop down, fly high, and finally meet Shiva in person!! Trigunam is the project of Tiago Jónatas, core member of The Lisbon Dub Collective: the guys responsible for the massive opening track of the 'Strictly analog dub' compilation on the [dubbhism netlabel].

Bob Art