Remix: Duba - Smoking gun mix

Drome is a producer from Girona. In his own words "I try to do music with my laptop...sounds like IDM, dub, electro or techno..." anyway i liked his tune Duba so i asked if i could remix it. Check the player.


It's raining reggae supermodels inna the low lands

Well... almost. I spotted two this week, that's not bad. This cutie called Leah is on billboards everywhere and hard to miss, modelling for G-Star. She sings too, great voice! Her lyrics are conscious and sweet and check out those backing vocals... classy


Rub a dub?

whateva sista... help yourself overhere

Remix: Dubactivist meets Tony Dubshot

a good way to start the week. dubactivist from bonn is one of germany's heavyweight dubbers. he sent me his remix of 'biff'. closer to the original and more oldskool approach than L.Drift this one sounds xtra large & fresh like german beer. check the tape