OR Combiner at the Night of the Modular Monsters

OR Combiner = Lama Waaien (Lamaha Metasynth & FX) + Tony Dubshot (Modular & FX). The Night of the Modular Monsters is a somewhat regular 'electronica event' at Vrijplaats Middelstegracht in Leiden. Next edition will be on December 13th, more info soon come.


How to make microtonal chiptune music

The subtle art of chiptune production is all about creating special effects in the mids. That's why real 8-bit music sounds best when you hear it on a noisy old laptop or something. Also, 8-bit music is best served pure. Having said that, you should really try out this handy how-to by Sevish: "Microtonal chiptune music with One-SF2 VST".