The Tao of FM Synthesis #1 ~ Musical terminology please

In this first episode of The Tao of FM Synthesis we’re going to try to get a good, basic mental picture of what FM Synthesis actually is. Right now we’re not interested in the weird, technical stuff. All we want are some clues to help us get more predictable results while tweaking a sound. In short, it’s all about MUSIC, not PHYSICS.

Bring back dub inna the dance

Science time again! In the beginning there was dub, but then DJs took over. Now everybody's getting tired of that, time to check out a new generation of dancehall dub. Producers like Process Rebel, Subatomic Sound System, Vuelo and Jah Billah.

SCIENTIFIC DANCEHALL ~ heavyweight dancehall riddims in dub


The Tao of FM Synthesis ~ introduction

PUNISHMENT is a very effective technique for modifying a musician’s behavior. If there is a clear and predictable relationship between a certain behavior, like for example fiddling around with FM synthesis, and the outcome (confusion, anger, frustration, despair) behavior will be modified in such a way that a musician avoids more PUNISHMENT. In the case of FM that means we avoid creating our own sounds.


Subwoofers and the Animal Kingdom

Douglas Adams explains why the booming mating calls of the Kakapo (a large, heavy, flightless parrot from New Zealand) are not very effective. The story begins at around 33 minutes.


Nice vintage docu: 'Discovering electronic music'

Very 70s, lots of bleepy sounds and nerdy/serious faces :-)

"The 1983 film "Discovering Electronic Music" is an introduction to the synthesizers and computers used to create electronic music. The film explains the basics of how sound is converted into electrical signals, the functions of oscillators, envelopes and filters, and the roles of samplers and sequencers."


Some interesting blogs for dubb scientists

Variety of Sound ~ awesome plugins and intelligent audio talk

Anthropology of Sound ~ irregular updates but always interesting: sound design, interface design, weird stuff

Kim Lajoie's Blog ~ practical advice for bedroom producers, short and sweet, no bs

Music of Sound ~ slightly nerdy, even gearslutty but always on the case, lots of interesting links, mainly about sound design