Irie Remix Contest

Yes people!! Time to get busy!!! Remix Leah's choon Irie and if it's really good it might end up on her forthcoming album! Or it might be released on Dubbhism and you'll even win an Irie t-shirt (thank you very much Ragga-Wear Clothing)

How to enter the Irie Remix Contest

Step 1 download the acapella below (click the little arrow on the right). The original tempo of the track is 81 bpm

Step 2 create a remix in any style or tempo you like and remember to submit it before the 9th of May

Hint: if you really want your track to be on Leah's album you can't use any copyrighted material!

Step 3 ok, you're absolutely sure your remix is finished. Now put [Irie Remix Contest] in the title of the track and submit it by sending it to the Irie Remix Contest-group below on Soundcloud. This group is moderated. This means that the track will not appear in the player immediately. Don't worry :) And please don't upload your Irie remix anywhere but the Soundcloud page devoted to it, thanx!

Irie Remix Contest

By the way you can send your track to this Soundcloud group by 'joining' it (if you already use Soundcloud) or you can use the dropbox below if you don't use Soundcloud and don't want to start now :)

Irie Remix Contest
Hint: if you have a free Soundcloud account you can send your track to only one group so send it to the Irie Remix Contest-group only!

Step 4: you wait for the Bigga Judgement. We have some very strict judges, like Leah..

.. and celebrity producers M&M of Not Easy At All. You'll have to come original if you wanna impress these veterans in the biznis..

If a track gets a lot of positive feedback on Soundcloud that might have a positive influence but in the end these judges will decide and the results will be announced on the 17th of May. The winners will be published on the Dubbhism blog and on this page, so you might want to bookmark it.

Hint: if you use the dropbox to submit your track you'll have to give us an e-mail address so we can contact you if you win. Send your details to dubbhism@xs4all.nl and put [Irie Remix Contest] in the subject. If you don't send an e-mail we'll get in touch via Soundcloud

Good luck! Stay Irie!