Mysteries of Dubb ~ How low can you go?

Back in the 80's most people didn't really understand the power of the 808 bass drum. Then Chuck D of Public Enemy came along. Being a philosophical kind of person, he posed what is perhaps the most fundamental question in modern music: Bass! How low can you go?

Man a real badman

Toronto's mayor Rob Ford confused the mainstream Canadian media with this patois style rant against his own police department. The Jamaica Gleaner helps out with a transcription: "They chase me around for five months, mon, (expletive). Leave me alone, mon. They got me five months, mon. They're trying to tell me we're counter-surveying you. He's here and I'm here … cho (expletives)!"

Livid DS1 ~ a USB MIDI controller that looks like a mixer

This week Dubspot announced a remarkable hardware collab: "We could never find a single complementary controller on the market to meet our functionality and durability needs, so we decided to simply build one ourselves, with Livid Instruments as the perfect partner." 


The Black Widow ~ The Coldest War

This is a tale about a cold hearted ex-KGB agent with a spider fetish. Schizophrenic killer robots are wiping out the last pockets of resistance in the so-called free world. Who can stop them?

Download: The Black Widow ~ The Coldest War


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