Mad Professor sample CD by Loopmasters

From the official propaganda:

"Mad Professor has worked super close with the Loopmasters team to create an exclusive and authentic collection of some of his most prized musical gems from the Ariwa studios reggae vaults – providing producers of Dub, Reggae, Dubstep, DnB and other musical styles with previously unheard and undiscovered audio material!


In the mix: Max Stagger - Kentucky Blue Sensi Skank

It's the return of the amazing MAX STAGGER!!! Strictly highest grade, even burn, smooth draw, kinda grabs you by the booboo.


South Rakkas Crew giveaway

free music doesn't get better than The Stimulus Package by SRC


Album review: Sevish - Golden Hour

I never write album reviews. It seems useless because there's so much new music nowadays. But Sean 'Sevish' Archibald is something else.

You probably haven't heard of him but anyway Golden Hour blew me away from the first time i heard it. It's released on Sean's new Split Notes netlabel (free download, creative commons license).