Advanced Modular Research #5 ~ Introducing the Karplus Strong String Trio

If you have a couple of BBD modules in your modular system, you can quickly patch a lively string trio using the Karplus Strong method.


Advanced Modular Research #4 ~ Harmony is actually a really fast rhythm

In music, harmony is a special case of rhythm: it can also be represented as rhythm. You can hear a chord's rhythm if you slow it down. It's like the difference between CV and audio-rate modulation.

Advanced Modular Research #3 ~ Moog-flavored analog FM

Here's another way to get nice FM sounds. For high quality sine waves and decent tracking, why not use the A-108 Moog filter? Add an A-133 Polarizer for ring modulation and you're almost there.


Nema ~ Empathy [Dubtribu Records]

Nema is a dubstep producer from Rome. His deep 'n' dark track titled Empathy is out now on Dubtribu Records. Bel lavoro! Get it on Juno.

Dubb Cloud: Mungo's Hifi ft. Brother Culture ~ 7FT & Whitey Don ~ Kush Arora ~ Brackles

Mungo's Hifi ft. Brother Culture ~ 7FT & Whitey Don ~ Kush Arora & Jahdan Blakkamoore ~ Ku Bo ~ Brackles ~ Falty DL

Musician Wren whistles perfect octaves

The Musician Wren (a.k.a. Cyphorhynus arada) whistles melodies that sound 'human'. Musicologist Emily Doolittle and biologist Henrik Brumm found that Musician Wrens preferentially produce successive perfect octaves, fifths, and fourths; the basics of human harmony.

Harmonic sequencers by Luisa Pereira

Luisa Pereira knows about music, interaction design and sequencers. She has developed a few good looking, easy to use harmonic sequencers. Classic western harmonic theory and the rules of counterpoint in two handy wooden boxes. Should be on the market!


Advanced Modular Research #2 ~ Analog thru-zero linear FM

FM is a synthesis method that's been covered in detail on this blog, but so far in the digital realm only. Here's an analog patch, featuring the Doepfer A-143-9 VC Quadrature LFO. Basic DX-style FM sounds are really easy with this module: it has thru-zero linear FM capability.



Musical Numerology #8 ~ Yet another octave based theory of everything

The claim:
 the universe is made of dynamic octave relationships. These particular octaves should not be thought of as whole number ratios (the Pythagorean octave concept) but as moving patterns or scenarios. These octaves are the key to all mysteries of the universe. If you know what to look for, you'll start seeing them everywhere.

The bass player... well you have to watch


Advanced Modular Research #1 ~ VOSIM (voice simulation)

VOSIM (VOice SIMulation) is an oldskool sound synthesis-technique. It's good for designing voice-like, and even robot-like sounds.

Speaker that works best in the 5 – 50Hz range

Wanna construct your own Giant Speaker? Check this little tutorial.

Musical Numerology #7 ~ Babylonian arithmetic

The claim:
Pythagoras didn't discover the octave, nor did he 'invent' the Harmony of the Spheres. Sumer (modern-day Iraq) was the birthplace of writing, mathematics, the wheel, agriculture etc. The Sumerians developed the first extensive acoustic~arithmetic model of the Universe. Certain similarities between astronomical cycles and musical tuning systems explain why music, numerology, astronomy, religion, poetry and mathematics were fused into one meta-science.

Lost in Dub #1 by Reservoir Dub

CC dub compilation by the Reservoir Dub crew. Contributions from class acts like Barbes D ft. Imanouel, Dubmatix and Jah Free.

Dubb Cloud: Vuelo ~ General Levy & Joe Ariwa ~ Heidi Riddim by Maffi ~ Boxcutter

Vuelo ~ General Levy & Joe Ariwa ~ Heidi Riddim by Maffi ~ Boxcutter ~ Glenjamin Calculus


Imanouel from Paris

Some big sounds from Imanouel ~ wicked roots styles blod!