An Eyeful of Sound

Synaesthetic people don't need video clips or visuals they just use their brains.


Xenharmonic tutorial ~ harmonic exploration made easy

This tutorial is for computer musicians who like to experiment with funny harmonies. If you don’t know anything about music theory that’s ok, but you should have a basic sense of harmony. Another thing you’ll need is a suitable synthesizer.


DIY mastering for dubbers

These short mastering tutorials by Dubspot are very clear and to the point. The workflow and the suggested control settings for the combination of iZotope Ozone 4 plugin and Ableton host in part 1 should translate well to other hosts & plugins. Watching these videos won't turn you into you a skilled mastering engineer overnight but it's a good introduction to low budget mastering.


The robotification of musical taste

James Murphy was the big man behind the recently discontinued LCD Soundsystem. In case you've never heard of him, he's like the David Byrne for the post-whatever generation. It's a pleasure to hear him talk about music. This interview (2006) by m ss ng p eces is totally up to the minute.


Chrissy Murderbot makes footwork sound good

This has to be my favorite footwork release by Planet Mu to date. Chrissy Murderbot adds a fat sound, a sleng teng sample, and wicked vocals by MC Zulu. Maximum vibes.. LP is coming april 9th


Out now: Leah Rosier ~ The Real Leah (Dubbhism Deluxe)

Noah's Ark ~ just another boat or hi tech alien spaceship?

Dub research isn't just about music: there's also a scientific and a spiritual aspect. Nowadays the spiritual side of dub is all but forgotten by dub scientists. That's why Dubbhism is launching a new research program, fusing rigorous dub science and old time religion.

Vampires & Informers ~ I want moooore blooood

Subatomic Sound (NYC) is teaming up with People’s Records (Kingston, JA) for a series of releases bringing together top Jamaican artists with top electronic producers worldwide. Elephant Man's “Vampires & Informers” is the kick-off.

Soundcloud dub discovery ~ Spring Reverb Museum

Japanese dub artist Mitsuki (Tokyo) has posted some very nice vintage dubs on Soundcloud recently. Most of them are free downloads. Some classic 80's lovers rock in dub, some Mad Professor and also a few well known riddims like Hot Milk and Queen of the Minstrel. Check it out if you're into vintage dub sounds.