Surviving the Modular Hype #3 ~ Infinity

Retro synth ads are a goldmine for students of the history of gearlust. Carefully worded vintage ads praise the quality, playability, versatility, desirability and sexuality of music gear. Some ads even sell dreams of total control, like this Casio CZ-3000 brochure, which also has a weird take on the famous infinite possibilities cliché.  

The Limbourgh Brothers ~ Kind of Blue

Ultramarine is a deep blue color, made by grinding Lapis Lazuli into a powder. During the 14th and 15th centuries, it was worth more than gold and yet it and symbolized humility and holiness. The Limbourgh Brothers, three famous painters from Nijmegen, really loved the stuff. International Klein Blue also relies heavily on ultramarine.


Music is One (with a capital O)

Nicolas Slonimsky on Frank Zappa, Edgard Varèse and big scores.


UbuWeb ~ Electronic Music Review and more

Let's build a new library, but without the books. A brand new uber expensive building is much more interesting than a big old heap of printed paper, right? Anyway... the good stuff is alive and well in cheap electronic libraries, like UbuWeb, who have a nice collection of books, periodicals, articles and interviews about electronic music.