Soundcloud Badman ~ Artillery/Love

David Joseph a.k.a. Artillery/Love is the original rudeboy with the sensual touch. Big sounds from the cloud.

Dubb Cloud: Skarob & Subatomic Sound ~ Neneh Cherry & Stereotyp ~ Suns of Dub ~ Chronixx

Skarob & Subatomic Sound ~ Neneh Cherry & Stereotyp ~ Gappy Ranks & Suns of Dub ~ Addis Pablo ~ Chronixx ~ JaNoZ (Speakah Productions) ~ Dubateers ~ Alpha Steppa

Graffiti Hall of Shame

Fakebook is mainly a nuisance but sometimes it's funny. Check out the MOPA (Museum of Poor Art) and the even funnier Graffiti Hall of Shame for some of the worst art available on the planet.


Dutch modular design ~ Ginko Synthese

Last week's edition of the Noodlebar was a classic. Sierra Romeo (a.k.a. Terrace) did a stunning set, and he was closely followed by Gein, Falafel Biels and Colloid a.k.a. Jan Willem (photo), who is also the man behind eurorack modular start-up Ginko Synthese.

The Art of Deception ~ online subversion tactics

Edward Snowden opened our eyes, but what are we really seeing? The NSA thought police are infiltrating the internet to manipulate, deceive, and destroy reputations with their 'cyber offensive'. Little has changed since the paranoid days of J. Edgar Hoover. The technology may be different, but it's still the same game: subversion.