Vandera mixtape for FatKidOnFire

Dubbhism has a soft spot for mad music scientists. Dutch Londener Vandera (neuroscience) is definitely a member of that tribe. He got a lot of praise recently for a 60-minute mix showcasing 60 tracks, all in C-minor. Surely the work of a madman. Check out this interview at FatKidOnFire and listen to his new mix 

little quote from the interview:

"In the long-term, the plan is to make lots of money by discovering a non-addictive and safe compound with the same mood-enhancing properties as MDMA. I’ll get regulatory approval, hire Walter White to cook and sell it all, and with the profits I’ll setup a quality record label. All I need is some human test-subjects and some good dubs to sign and release. Hit me up on SoundCloud."