Keith Richards vs Modular Synthesis

Wow Keith that's a really nice sine wave!! Scene from Mario Shifano’s 1969 film Umano non Umano.


Vintage electronica and sound design

One thing that's good about the 'good old days' of electronic sound & music was the lack of equipment. The FAIRLIGHT IPHONE APP did not exist. Musicians, engineers and sound designers wore lab coats and were getting their sonic results with the stuff that was available.

Raymond Scott's Electronium

Raymond Scott is the original mad scientist of electronica ~ even Bob Moog agreed with that. Here's a wonderful clip of a piece made with the Electronium. It's funny how Kandinsky-like these visuals are.


Bass haters ~ a reissue with too much bass?

Here's a quote coming from a Jack-purist who thinks Rush Hour’s House of Trax reissues have too much bass: