Cantor: xenharmonic iPad app

Did you know that the popular glass plate known as the iPad can be used as a musical instrument? This classic piece of 'clean' Apple iDesign, covered in grease and who knows what else, can rock!


Spotlight on Sarah Winton

Carboot Soul by Nightmares on Wax is a classic album by now. The voice that made it work was Sarah Winton's. Tracks like Survival and Finer are etched in the minds of soul music lovers worldwide. But of course Sarah has recorded much more. A heavy new banger, with I-Lo and Helgeland 8-bit Squad, will be released on Dubbhism Deluxe.


Prince Jazzbo on Dubbhism Deluxe

The great Prince Jazzbo is teaming up with Dubbhism for a brand new release, coming soon on Dubbhism Deluxe.