A short documentary about modular synths and Hugh Le Caine.


Mysteries of Dubb ~ The Fourth Dimension

Drums + Bass + Space = Dubb. The math is simple. But the mystery remains: how can we visualize the highly paradoxical local spatiality of Dubb in accurate, and even rigorous ways? About 100 years ago, Claude Fayette Bragdon investigated these questions in A Primer of Higher Space (The Fourth Dimension) and Four-dimensional Vistas.


VA ~ Explorations in Dub (Dub-o-phonic)

The dub-o-phonic netlabel gets busy again. Here's a "musical journey to some unknown areas of dub music". Compiled by Dub Thomas, the album tries to find the hidden elements of dub music in other musical genres, but it really sounds very dubby most of the time, which is ok.

Dubb Cloud: LIN/LOG ~ Infradead ~ Todd Barton ~ dougcl ~ Ron Millar

LIN/LOG ~ Infradead ~ Todd Barton ~ dougcl ~ Ron Millar