Kandinsky's dubb teachings - abstract jungle

Before we get into Kandinsky's painting styles and the relation with dub music, here's a Susan Sontag quote, taken from Against interpretation (1966).


The Tao of Wu

Most of you probably thought that the RZA is a hip hop producer. I'd say he's a dub scientist. And he's a writer too, check out the reviews of his new book 'The Tao of Wu'.

Here's a nice interview from True/Slant. Best quote: "I'd rather raise nerds than raise gangstas."

Interview and more on True/Slant
Book review @ AllHipHop.com
Interview from Colbert Nation


GPS beatmap: the most laborious remix method ever

GPS Beatmap was created by mad scientist/electronic music artist Jesse Stiles. The voice over is really the fun part of this clip: "obscure landmarks begin to gain new significance by their association with unique musical juxtapositions" :-)


Synced spasms in dub

I was never into that Ryoji Ikeda stuff until i saw this. Now it makes sense. I think the man responsible for the sonic interaction gear, Daito Manabe, also did the music. More on Youtube.


Nice Scientist video

I've been trying for a long time now to update my stuff at Scientist's dubmusic.com website but i can't get in... What i did find there was a video of Scientist enjoying a smoke and mixing it up.


Kandinsky's dubb teachings - intro

100 years ago, Wassily Kandinsky was one of the first painters to develop a 100% abstract style at a time when many artists were working in 'half abstract' styles like cubism and so on. Almost immediately Kandinsky's abstract work got a lot of attention and after a few years (around the time of World War I) other painters also got into pure abstraction. Today Malevich, Rothko, Mondrian, De Kooning and Jackson Pollock are all famous for their abstract works.