Why the bleep do we bleep?

Eurorack enthousiasts should check out this new podcast.

And if you want more of that good stuff, check out DivKid's new Eurorack-podcasts called 'Rig Rundown' and 'Getting Started With Modular Synths'. Highly recommended.

As we enter 2018 the modular hype still hasn't reached it's peak. The most positive trend for this year: actual musicians are adopting Eurorack, making the whole game much more mature. We have finally left the stage of clueless module demos on YouTube that go FFWWRRRAAAAAAAAARRRHHGGGBLBLBLBLBLOOP for 20 minutes.

The YouTube channels DivKidVideo, mylarmelodies, BBoy Tech Report, Fluxwithit and Leaning Modular translate the technical mumbo jumbo of Eurorack into a language musicians can relate to. Support them!