The Tubbutec µTune microtonal quantizer

Jan Caron of Gearslutz and Tony Dubshot discuss the awesome Tubbutec µTune microtonal quantizer. And let's not forget the Ornament and Crime module, a versatile module which can also do xenharmonic quantizing and is a good enough choice for beginners. And here's a mix of some xenharmonic tunes by Tony Dubshot.

Meanwhile, new microtonal options for Eurorack keep popping up like it's the latest trend! As of version 4.4 of the Expert Sleepers Disting mk4 firmware, the new Programmable Quantizer algorithm adds Scala support. Big thank you to Os!

Furthermore, Erica released a quantizer with "quarter tone accuracy and a web-based interface for creating user generated scales." Sorry Erica, close but no cigar. Adding quarter tone resolution is probably the laziest route to a somewhat 'microtonal' quantizer.