Mysteries of Dubb ~ Pipecock Jackson

Horoscope for Lee Scratch Perry, March 20 1936, Kendal, Jamaica

Pisces Sun opposite asteroid Ethiopia ~ Come from Ethiopia
Mercury conjunct asteroid Lee Perry ~ Intergalactic Brain I
Jupiter conjunct Galactic Center and asteroid Regge ~ Lightning
Asteroid Karma conjunct asteroid Africa ~ Marcus Garvey Black Ark
Pluto sextile asteroid Vaticana ~ Go down Pope

If you want to know what part of your chart is being upset by the Upsetter, head on over to astro.com and choose Extended Chart Selection. The last field says Additional asteroids, fixed stars, and other objects, please select from the respective lists below. Here are some numbers you could try.

(18124) Lee Perry (Lee Taylor Perry, ISEF awardee in 2003)
(3778) Regge
(1432) Ethiopia
(1193) Africa
(15417) Babylon
(1930) Lucifer
(416) Vaticana
(6735) Mad Hatter
(94291) Django
(17458) Dr. Dick
(821) Fanny
(120074) Bass
(92891) Bless
(3315) Chant
(3811) Karma
(2598) Merlin
(2597) Arthur
(9007) James Bond
(2309) Mr. Spock
(3956) Caspar

You can also see which part of a celebrity's chart is being upset. For example, Jamaican love goddess Grace Jones has asteroid Lee Perry conjunct her planet Venus. Asteroid Regge is close to her Sun but Mad Hatter is closer. Grace Jones' Sun is also sextiling James Bond.

For more info about asteroids check out Alex's Asteroid Astrology, Straight Woo, Mark Andrew Holmes or Marina at Darkstar. Here's a long list of all meanings of asteroid names, and an alphabetical list.