Siemen Terpstra's musical studies online

Philosophical history has not been kind to musical sensibilities. The orthodox history of Greek thought has been de-musicalised. Because of this, we have been tought all kinds of philosophical nonsense, especially when it comes to the Pre-Socratics. But the 'lost' musical heritage is restored by philosopher-musician Siemen Terpstra.

Terpstra has written deep, lenghty, and at the same time surprisingly readable studies about the musical kosmos of the ancients. In doing so, he gives us clues about how we could (or should) read Aristotle, Parmenides, or even Heraclitus, without ever becoming too technical. His crystal clear style of thought rejects any kind of vague numerological nonsense, which is a sign of greatness in this field.

As a bonus, you get lots of deep thoughts about music, harmony, unity, ratios and the primordial SOUND of the ONE. It's the oldest science~religion~philosopy on the planet, well worth your time. In fact these studies should be interesting for all students of philosophy.

Besides studies about Monochords, the Pythagorean Tetractys, Aristoxenus and Ptolemy, Terpstra has also written in depth about xenharmonic theories from more recent times. A true musician, he has even developed his own musical interface, the Terpstra Keyboard.