Peter Blasser on JI, integers and saving energy

Here's an entertaining video featuring Peter Blasser of Ciat-Lonbarde and some of his electronic instruments.The Justints software (with the 8-bit style visuals) has some just intonation-properties.

Mr. Blasser likes to come up with interesting names for his companies. Ciat-Lonbarde is his analog company, Shbobo is 100% digital, and for his all new eurorack modular company, established in 2014, he wisely chose Ieaskul F. Mobenthey

In a new project called Tocante (scheduled for 2015) the tunings and scales are a direct result of common commercial sizes of capacitors.

Ancient tunings and xenharmonic tunings are favorite themes. 432Hz-maniacs should read his manifesto "Tune to Sixty Hurts". And like any dubb scientist bitten by the Harmony of the Spheres-bug, Blasser has his own intuitive, speculative theory about the fabric of reality, based on a popular sound synthesis technique. For more Blassernalia and infotainment check out his blog. For a quick media snack check out this Rhizome.org article or this VICE-article.