Belphegor a.k.a. the 'Lord of the Opening' is one of the seven princes of Hell. Just like the original 'Beast' this demonic creature has it's own number, and we don't mean a phone number... Take a look, but don't stare! Belphegor's Prime is a fascinating palindromic prime number, with 666 hiding between 13 zeros on each side.

Rumour has it that when Charles Babbage tried to verify it's status as a prime number, his difference engine spun alarmingly as if possessed, dragging the unfortunate Lady Ada Lovelace to her death, crushed in the gears.

In case your computing device becomes possessed by Belphegor's prime: disconnect the power supply and immerse in holy water for at least one week. Alternatively burn your device at the stake, this works particularly well for iPhones. Merry Christmas!