Prince Jazzbo on Dubbhism Deluxe

The great Prince Jazzbo is teaming up with Dubbhism for a brand new release, coming soon on Dubbhism Deluxe.

What a Tribulation is a hard hitting analysis of Babylonian tactics and their effects on poor peoples lives. The (digital only) single will feature top quality remixes by Dutch  production crew Dubshelter RecordingsLiondub out of Brooklyn, the criminally underrated Speakah Productions from Bolsward (also Netherlands) and Helgeland 8-bit Squad, the merciless 8-bit Vikings from Norway. Original riddim produced by Tony Dubshot. Artwork by visual dub artist and weed specialist Marieke Mamarazzi.

At Dubbhism, we are very much inspired by the rich and unique musical legacy of Prince Jazzbo and Ujama Music. From the 70's until today, the Prince has always been about free thinking, free styling, reckless innovation and creative use of the resources and challenges that Jah provides. Riding a humble donkey, staying below the radar of fashions and formats, he's always ahead of the so-called 'industry'.

Stop the stealing

To all people who search the internet looking for pirate versions of classic reggae and dancehall recordings we have one thing to say: cut it out, stop the thiefin! We've selected some online stores where you can buy the real goods, because artists have to eat! Selectors and promotors link up with Ujama Music thru ujamamusic@yahoo.com

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