Out now: Phattyman greets Tony Dubshot ~ The Outergalactic Peace and Unity EP

download: dubbhism-netlabel-015-phattyman-greets-tony-dubshot-outergalactic-peace-and-unity.rar

Phattyman is on a journey, dubbing his way through the universe, bringing the force some call the Vibration to all the galaxies and star systems. The Vibration, an ancient wave which has been resonating through the universe since the dawn of time, can be tuned in to. Once tuned in, a message can be heard. One of Peace, Love and Unity for all species.

Having transversed many light years, Phattyman joins forces with the one they call Tony of the Dubshot clan. Together they are able to amplify this ancient Vibration to reach new wave lengths and send it’s message even further into the depths of space.