Asteroids and volcanoes

In this post we’ll look at ‘confirmed’ volcanic eruptions in Italy in the 16th and 17th century with a known start date. In the astrological chart for each eruption the positions of asteroids Vulcano, Etna, Vesuvius and Stromboli are of special interest.

Asteroids Vulcano, Etna, Vesuvius and Stromboli are named after Italian volcanoes. These volcanoes are of course very, very old. The asteroids, that are orbiting the Sun, are also very, very old. But what about the metaphysical connection between volcano and asteroid, via the official IAU name? How old is that connection really?

Asteroids can’t be seen with the naked eye. That's why their discovery started in the 19th century, using telescopes and other modern techniques.

Stromboli: discovered 24-9-1960 on Palomar Schmidt plates
Vulcano: discovered 11-10-1966 at Nauchnyj
Etna: discovered 24-3-1971 on Palomar Schmidt plates
Vesuvius: discovered 20-9-1973 on Palomar Schmidt plates

Retroactive effect
Perhaps the most baffling aspect of asteroid astrology is the retroactive effect of asteroid (or minor planet) names. Most asteroids have been discovered in the last 100 years. But if we want to retrace certain astrological correlations involving asteroids, we can actually go back in time much further, although there is a practical limit because of the precision of the calculated orbits.

A collection of 21 volcano eruptions in Italy in the 16th and 17th century illustrates the retroactive effect anecdotally. The charts are actually meant to illustrate two things:
- the retroactive effect of asteroid names;
- asteroids with similar potential meanings (in this case volcanic eruptions in Italy) can work together as a team.

This analysis focuses on the planets (including Chiron and the Galactic Center), four volcano-asteroids and six harmonic aspects: conjunction, opposition, trine, square, quintile and sextile. The idea is that eruptions correlate with relevant clusters of precise harmonic aspects (within 1 degree).

If a planetary pattern looks unstable or explosive, we might think of the vulcano-asteroids as elements that tip the balance or light the fuse. That's why a square between a vulcano-asteroid and Mars would be more significant than a sextile to Neptune.   

A very simple and subjective qualification (weak, medium, strong) gives some idea of the strength of the correlations.

Correlation score (total 21 charts)
Strong: 11 charts 
Medium: 3 charts
Weak: 7 charts

The chart of every ‘confirmed’ 16th and 17th century volcanic eruption in Italy with known start date is show below, mentioning the aspects involving asteroids. These are noon-charts for Rome, Italy.          

Etna 22-3-1536

Etna conj Vesuvius (0°56)
Etna opp Jupiter (0°19)
Vesuvius opp Jupiter (0°36)
Correlation: strong

Etna 1-11-1566

Etna sext Sun (0°47)
Vesuvius squ Mars (0°39)
Vulcano tri Chiron (0°48)
Correlation: strong

Etna 9-9-1579

Vesuvius sext Pluto (0°38)
Vesuvius sext Stromboli (0°32)
Vesuvius sext Chiron (0°03)
Stromboli tri Chiron (0°35)
Correlation: strong

Etna 28-6-1607

Vesuvius qui Mercury (0°08)
Stromboli squ Neptune ( 0°35)
Correlation: weak

Etna 6-2-1610

Vesuvius sext Saturn (0°16)
Vulcano opposite Chiron (0°46)
Vulcano sext Pluto (0°26)
Stromboli sext Neptune (0°41)
Correlation: medium

Etna 1-7-1614

Etna qui Mercury (0°36)
Correlation: weak

Vesuvius 16-12-1631

Vesuvius qui Sun (0°15)
Vesuvius sext Mercury (0°08)
Vulcano conj Stromboli (0°43)
Vulcano squ Pluto (0°02)
Stromboli squ Pluto (0°41)
Vulcano tri Center of Galaxy (0°35)
Stromboli tri Center of Galaxy (0°08)
Correlation: strong

Etna 19-12-1634

Vulcano tri Mars (0°22)
Etna squ Mars (0°40)
Vesuvius squ Chiron (0°58)
Correlation: strong

Vesuvius 1-7-1637

Vulcano sext Jupiter (0°30)
Vulcano sext Pluto (0°47)
Etna sext Uranus (0°37)
Vesuvius qui Stromboli (0°03)
Correlation: strong

Etna 20-2-1643

Vulcano opp Venus (0°49)
Vesuvius squ Mars (0°59)
Correlation: strong

Etna 20-11-1646

Etna qui Vulcano (0°36)
Etna squ Stromboli (0°54)
Vesuvius sext Chiron (0°10)
Correlation: medium

Etna 17-1-1651

Stromboli sext Moon
Vulcano opp Mercury (0°15)
Correlation: weak

Etna 1-1-1654

Vesuvius conj Saturn (0°37)
Vesuvius qui Pluto (0°43)
Correlation: medium

Vesuvius 25-2-1654

Vesuvius tri Mars (0°45)
Vesuvius squ Stromboli (0°58)
Etna squ Pluto (0°49)
Etna sext Chiron (0°03)
Stromboli qui Sun (0°21)
Correlation: strong

Etna 11-3-1669

Vulcano conj Sun (0°07)
Vulcano squa Center of Galaxy (0°41)
Vulcano tri Vesuvius (0°55)
Stromboli squ Neptune (0°33)
Stromboli sext Pluto (0°01)
Correlation: strong

Vesuvius 12-8-1682

Etna qui Jupiter (0°53)
Vesuvius qui Vulcano (0°56)
Correlation: weak

Etna 1-9-1682

Etna squ Neptune (0°36)
Vulcano tri Venus (0°48)
Vulcano opp Saturn (0°46)
Stromboli opp Mars (0°37)
Correlation: strong

Vesuvius 3-10-1685

Vulcano opp Jupiter (0°44)
Vesuvius qui Stromboli (0°07)
Stromboli tri Mercury (0°50)
Stromboli tri Neptune (0°41)
Etna tri Uranus (0°21)
Correlation: strong

Etna 14-3-1689

Vesuvius squ Saturn (0°38)
Correlation: weak

Vesuvius 31-7-1696

Etna sext Mars (0°04)
Correlation: weak

Vesuvius 15-9-1697

Stromboli squ Neptune (0°25)
Correlation: weak