A Philosophy of Astrology #2 ~ The Web

If we look at basic claims of astrology, and take them serious, it seems that reality as it appears to us, and life as we know it, are informed by a holistic, deeply mysterious web of synchronized symbolic concepts and processes.

Astrologers claim that any combination of earthly place-and-time coordinates ~ for example Amsterdam Central Station, today at noon ~ is related to a specific, fairly wide spectrum of potential qualities. Stars, planets, asteroids and so on are seen as physical elements in a dynamic celestial map that indicates how these potential qualities are connected to, biased to, or resonating with their coordinates.

Each celestial body carries its own symbolism, and a multitude of symbolic ingredients gets mixed, just like you can mix sound, color or herbs and spices. Symbolic interpretation of the celestial map for a certain place-and-time allows us to analyze a particular mix of potential qualities as related to situations, events, people and so on.

If certain potential qualities that are indicated by the celestial map are actualized in some physical or mental form, they can be observed and sometimes even quantified. This requires a certain amount of knowledge about the state of the map, a good grasp of the symbolic concepts and some talent for pattern recognition. Psychological insight is also a big plus as it is assumed that an astrological quality of a moment may express itself in someone's inner experience.

In the Amsterdam Central Station example, potential qualities could become actual through a wide range of physical and/or psychological expressions, processes or events. Anything from a messy train schedule to a perceived threat of a terrorist attack or remarkable details in the performance of a street artist, all depending on the particulars of the moment.

By the way, the astrological toolkit is not limited to the earthly, geocentric perspective. The heliocentric perspective (as seen from the sun) is also valid and has it's own quality, altho it is less popular in the astrological community. Many astrologers specialized in the movements of stock markets use heliocentric maps. There may be more relevant perspectives. Some astrologers propose that the topocentric perspective has its own qualities.

Birth charts
Astrologers will also go a big step further, claiming that at the start of significant 'creative' events, like for example the birth of a child or the official registration of a new organization by the proper authorities, the coordinates of the birth or new beginning are somehow permanently coupled to the child, the new company and so on. To make matters worse (as in more entangled), astrologers claim that a birth chart can even indicate details about one's future relations with other people, organizations and so on.

To summarize: astrology claims that every place-and-time has unique potential qualities, which in the case of birth charts include references to future relations. And since it's all written in the sky, the astrological perspective is at the same deeply holistic and cyclical in nature, in the same sense that our solar system is cyclical.

This is a baffling concept. It's very difficult for the modern Western mind to comprehend how such an intricate synchronized web of physical and metaphysical patterns could be woven together. How such complexity and entanglement could arise on a universal scale. For now, let's just say that it raises questions about some of the tougher philosophical concepts like causality, time and free will.

In the next episode we'll grapple with astrological findings pointing to a fairly bizarre causal anomaly.