Don't be stupid ~ NSA, CIA, Google, Apple, Facebook etc.

The Dubbhism blog uses a Google service, called Blogger.com. We also use Facebook, Google Search, some i-devices etc. The companies behind these products are ~ in Rastafarian speak ~ 100% Babylonian. A part of the so-called military-industrial complex.

"Don't be evil" is the stupidest corporate slogan ever. If you believe Google, you are stupid too.Why? Because marketing is always about selling a product with a story about qualities it doesn't have.  

If you want a really good story about the involvement of secret services like the CIA and NSA in big internet companies, try How the CIA made Google and Why Google made the NSA by investigative journalist Nafeez Ahmed. If you want more, try Google Is Not What It Seems by Julian ´Wikileaks´ Assange.