Naturegraffix ~ international eco idealism

Naturegraffix is a journal filled with comics, graphic novels and interviews. Three volumes are already available in print and online, providing art, provocative eco-idealism, and handy guidelines for 21st century cultural misfits. The official big theme is "How we influence our environment, and how the environment influences us" and the perspective is a fairly pessimistic one to be honest.

Naturegraffix is edited, co-ordinated and published by the wonderful graphic artist known as Kleine Hex, who currently lives in Leiden. Works from the journal are now exhibited at Het Leidse Volkshuis.

At the opening of the exhibition, the infamous Mr. Lama Waaien and Tony Dubshot, collectively known as Or Combiner did a set of crunchy 100% improvised eco-scapes. More sounds and recordings are actually being planned right now by this duo. Soon come on Dubbhism.

Here's a list of the works in the expo at Het Leidse Volkshuis.

0th floor
1. „Soviet military pollution in a Baltic sea“ Endrju
2. Philip Janta „Dangerous places“
3. „Pigasus“ Dace Sietina
4. „Hunger drives the beast out of the wood“ Phillip Janta
5. „Shhh!“ Jason
6. „Wild east“ Elina Sildre

1st floor
7. „Day of migratory birds“ Ruta Briede
8. „The story of ecology“ Kristofers Reidzands
9. „Smog“ Zilasaule

1. Scheerleader“ Virginia Mori
2. „Nature“ Jon McNair
3. „Nature“ Douwe Jan Schrale
4. „Post-its“ on topic of ecology door „Tekstiloom“
5. „Kitchen-filosophy“ illustratie voor flyer Vrijplaats Leiden
6. „Kijkkastjes“ Ad Wijgergangs
7. „How to find a witch“ Nele Brönner
8. „Time is mad“ Kristel Maamägi

2nd floor
10.Straatkunst door „Art is Trash“, photo: Claude Crommelin
11. „Wires“ Nele Brönner
12.Episode van hun boek „Mosquitoes“ Bart Nijstad
13.„Landscapes“ Vera Verseput
14. „Modern Jungle“ Anna Krzton
15. „To nature“ Karl Erik Talvet
16. „Urban story“ Andre Slob
17. „Victor and Vischnu“ Jeroen Funke
18.„Nature“ Chrysope
19. „Urban errors“ Trape Art
20.„Man and a biosphere“ by Martin Zutis
21.„Growth“ by Jonas Sildre
22.„Bear and the babysitter“ Markko Turunen