Modular showdown at the Noodlebar

In recent years, modular synths have become quite popular. If you want to meet the musicians, the gearsluts and the diy-synth builders who laid the foundation for this revival, check out the Noodlebar: a monthly electronic music event hosted by Roodkapje in Rotterdam.

At Noodlebar concerts, the live and direct tweaking of (mostly) analog instruments and fx results in deep electro, techno and ambient vibes, peppered with plain analog bruitism.

The february edition (photos) featured Das Ding, Griez and friends, Geritz / Kaffa and Rumatov. In march Colloid, Falafelbiels, Gein and Sierra Romeo will hit the stage. If you don't live near Rotterdam, you can even catch a live stream.

Photo's by Hilde Speet for Roodkapje.