The Black Widow ~ The Coldest War

This is a tale about a cold hearted ex-KGB agent with a spider fetish. Schizophrenic killer robots are wiping out the last pockets of resistance in the so-called free world. Who can stop them?

Download: The Black Widow ~ The Coldest War

Ruth White ~ The Flight of the Bumblebee
Icehouse ~ Uniform
Neu! ~ Wave Naturelle
Bourbonese Qualk ~ Born Left Hearted
MEV ~ Spacecraft
Harold Faltermeyer ~ Cash's Gun/Chinese Toilet
Mirage ~ No More War
Yello ~ On Track
Amon Duul II ~ The King's Chocolate Waltz
Cerrone ~ Rocket In The Pocket
Thrash80 ~ I Will Go
Styx ~ Mr. Roboto
Eddy Huntington ~ USSR
Robert Görl ~ Darling Don't Leave Me
Tubeway Army ~ You Are in My Vision
Tangerine Dream ~ Song Of The Whale
Popol Vuh ~ Ridi Pagliacci