Dubtribu Records ~ the MK-Ultra interview

Singer/songwriter/video-artist MK-Ultra and Jahpawa are starting a new bass music label in London, called Dubtribu Records. The tracks they posted on SoundCloud sound very promising, so what's the story?

Dubbhism ~ I heard some tracks on your SoundCloud page already, what is the official date of the first release?

MK-Ultra ~ Our first release would be mid April.

Dubbhism ~ Dubtribu Records, that name suggests that you do vinyl releases? Or not?

MK-Ultra ~ The digital market is more accessible at the moment but we will definitely release vinyls in the future.

Dubbhism ~ Why do we need a new bass music label?

MK-Ultra ~ We would like to be more then a bass music label. We want to create a new electronic bass music movement with the influences of dub, tribal, ethnic, deep, roots minimal sound. Also art and design will be closely linked to our music.

Dubbhism ~ How ambitious are you exactly?

MK-Ultra ~ Our only ambition is to spread good music and good vibes. We want to find true artists that deserve to be followed and not let the mainstream take over!

Dubbhism ~ Nice monkey, you say you want to bring together bass music and design... any thoughts about that? Or should we just wait and see?

MK-Ultra ~ All our EP's will be released with limited edition artworks from our photographers, graphic designers and writers. The official logo is on it's way, watch out!

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