iPad user friendly? U gotta be joking...

Apple is supposed to be the firm that makes computers user friendly. But if you really believe that crap you're probably inside the Steve Jobs Reality Distortion Field. iPads are anything but user friendly.

Have you ever tried to listen to SoundCloud clips (like the ones on the Dubbhism website) via an iPad? No of course not. You can't. Because the Evil Apple Empire wants to discourage the use of Flash technology, which is at the core of SoundCloud players

Update: since a few days there's a SoundCloud HTML5 player, use it!

Have you ever tried to copy/paste a link or a picture from one application on an iPad to another one? It's virtually impossible, because each app behaves (thinks) differently. How are musicians supposed to communicate with each other, using iPads, if you can't even create a link from a track on SoundCloud to your e-mail app?

Why do people think a glass plate is the ultimate user interface for music? Why do they buy retro-look synth apps? Glass-touch sucks, especially for musical instruments.And why are there no arrow keys on the iPad keyboard? Surely this is one of the clumsiest, awkwardly designed interfaces ever.

Why do people think a black glass plate that's covered with the grease of your dirty hands, held together by a piece of cheap curved aluminium is a beautiful thing? Is it because everything Apple designs is clean and beautiful?

Another problem with the iPads is that Apple puts a big fence around their "ecosystem" and because of this mentality (which is also clearly visible in their patent wars) more user friendliness gets sacrificed, because information can't flow freely the way it should.If you really believe that Apple "thinks different" you're a sheepish consumer who desperately needs to identify with certain brands.