Out now: Glamma Woods - Keepin it steady

Download: dubbhism-netlabel-007-glamma-woods-keepin-it-steady.rar

"Tension is a cool tune - reminds me of vibes from Miles Davis - Bitches Brew" Jacky Ligon
"Wild! Like Jahtari on acid! Or like listening to Frank Zappa's Jazz From Hell album at a reduced sample rate." Emch Subatomic

Keepin it Steady is a xenharmonic ode to absinthe, the famous alcoholic beverage that was first produced by Major Dubied (France, 1797). Absinthe has been advocated by men like Arthur Rimbaud, Vincent van Gogh, Aleister Crowley and Frank Sinatra.

It's said to be hallucinogenic but it's not! Absinthe actually causes a kind of 'lucid drunkenness' and it's exactly this feeling that was captured perfectly by Glamma Woods on Keepin it Steady. Cheers!