Steve Stoll's "Starve" effect

Techno producer Steve Stoll has entered the hardware arena. He introduces his first handmade ultra lofi stompbox called "Starve". Available now on Ebay. Here's a part of the description:

Starve is a very simple circuit that simulates "sag" or battery/power drain on your 9V powered effect pedals. Starving a circuit of power is an old circuit benders trick whereby reducing power to a target device causes it to react in strange and musical ways. You can use starve on all your old guitar effects and stomp boxes to get new and interesting tones that the original pedal designers never intended. My favorite combos are drum machine or analog mono synth through a Starved DS-1. Please note that Starve is not designed for use on digital gear, while it will not harm your digital equipment it will have no useful function. Starve is intended to be used with the very common 9 volt Boss/DOD style effect pedals (ie. analog).