Free download - 60 Classic and King Tubby style spring reverb impulse responses for convolution reverb

The sound quality of convolution processing relies heavily on the impulse responses used. But in the case of spring reverb a high quality recording is not enough. You need dirt as well. So if you want real dub flavour inna oldskool Jamaican style for your convolution ting you've come to the right place. Enjoy!

Hear samples - IRs only, no other fx used

king tubby - tl1.mp3
king tubby - fl1.mp3
classic - fl2.mp3
classic - fl2 stretched.mp3
classic - tl1.mp3
king tubby - fl3.mp3
king tubby - fl3 damped 1.mp3
king tubby - fl3 damped 2.mp3

Download Impulse Responses

DUBBHISM IR Spring Reverb.rar

More impulse responses over here


sample size: 24 bit
sample rate: 44 kHz
audio format: wav
channels: mono
rar archive file size: 31.1 Mb

* optimized for dub and reggae
* 'Classic' for harmonic sounds and 'King Tubby style' for drums
* recorded at 3 levels: loud (l) medium (m) and soft (s)
* different impulses used for fat (f) and thin (t) sounds
* load any file a + b for stereo impulse responses

Don't forget to check SIR1 Windows VST-Plugin (freeware)