Asteroid tales ~ Jenseits von Gut und Böse

Just like Nietzsche's philosophy, the art of astrology and astrological interpretation is beyond good and evil. For example, astrological data suggest that time is both sequential and simultaneous. So how to deal with the Catch-22 of Vettius Valens-style fatalism? Perhaps Friedrich can help. Now let's take a look at some of Nietzsche's asteroids.

Sun conjunct Adonis: thinks he's a ladies man
Sun conjunct Asbolus: prophet, able to tap into the 'Zeitgeist'
Sun conjunct Regina: kingly mindset
Sun conjunct Saga: goddess of history

Moon conjunct Chaos: chaotic emotional life
Moon conjunct Dejanira: the theme of victimhood
Moon conjunct Hermes: divine messenger
Moon conjunct Industria: hard work
Moon conjunct Principia: fundamental research
Moon conjunct Turrini: Nietzsche lost his marbles in Turin

Mercury conjunct Eurykleia: the wet-nurse of Odysseus
Mercury conjunct Red Queen: losing one's marbles

Mars conjunct Church: against Christianity
Mars conjunct Elpis: hope is for losers
Mars conjunct Antisthenes: Nietzsche is said to be his reincarnation

Jupiter conjunct Goethe: prime example of an Übermensch
Jupiter conjunct Sedna: dealing with victimhood

Saturn conjunct Triathlon: takes on big challenges
Saturn conjunct Nymphe: part of a sexuality/fear-complex
Saturn conjunct Vesta: part of a sexuality/fear-complex

Neptune conjunct Klotho: deep insight into the fabric of reality

Pluto conjunct Philosophia: philosophy with a hammer

Bonus: Nietzsche's stars
The Starlight software produces the following:

Heliacal rising star
Alkes ~ To be the living vessel of a sacred body of knowledge or philosophy

Heliacal setting star
Scheat ~ To pursue a life of learning and thinking

Stars of Youth
Spica  ~ A talented person, to have a gift
Sadalmelek ~ Building a lasting structure from a lucky chance
Alkes ~ To undertake detailed and precise work
Rigel ~ To be brave physically, or with your ideas

Stars of Prime
El Nath ~ A fighter, or one who knows the cruelty of life
Betelgeuse ~ The  courage to undertake large and painstaking projects
Bellatrix ~ Compassionate; a person who seeks to help others
Phact ~ The explorer, the wanderer through places or ideas

Stars of Latter Years
Bellatrix ~ The historian or priest, a person who is more interested in people than money
Al Rescha ~ A person who unites or polarises

Star of Foundation
Sirius ~ Sudden success which can burn