Arjen Lubach, The Galaxy, The Astrology

Comedy show host Arjen Lubach (right) is the Dutch DJ of the future. He's good in front of cameras and just like Armin van Buuren, he thinks like a lawyer. Other keywords include perfectionism, viral videos and serious musical skills. The Galaxy sounds fairly generic but Lubach's instinct for virals will make it work.

Astrologically speaking, The Galaxy is a remarkable concept. So what's 'out there' for Lubach? Well, he was born on 22 October 1979 in the city of Groningen (no birthtime). Using the sidereal zodiac and the IAU's constellation boundaries we find a very obvious Mercury-Uranus conjunction in Libra. Venus is also in Libra, Sun in Virgo, Mars in Cancer, Jupiter in Leo. Mars is squaring Venus, Saturn is sextiling the Mercury-Uranus conjunction. Heliocentrically, his Galactic Center is trining Jupiter. The Galactic Center and Chiron score the most Golden Aspects.

Using canonical interpretations we get a sharp independent mind, perfectionist, accurate and precise, very serious, winning mentality, charming and diplomatic, sensitive with a dose of weltschmerz, passive agressive, guru/philosopher, revealer of hidden truths.

To his credit, Mr. Funnybone refuses to become a posterboy for lazy Dutch skeptics but as a former religious person turned atheist he's an exponent of the astrology haters camp.

A week ago something remarkable happened when Lubach and his team won the Televizier-Ring award, their biggest prize so far for the comedy show Zondag met Lubach. On the night of the festivities, Lubach's transiting Sun was exactly conjunct Pluto. That's powerful stuff in the mind of an astrologer. At the same time, Lubach's girlfriend Martine de Jong, who is also art director for the show, broke her ankle. Around the time of the accident, her transiting Uranus was square Saturn, possibly pointing at working too hard. Born on 16 August 1975 in Avenhorn, De Jong has a likeable Sun, Mercury and Venus in Leo and she looks like an intense Ophiuchus Moon. Her Venus is squaring Neptune.

The show features a couple of highly specialized correspondents, like the inimitable Steye van Dam, who was born 23 September 1976 in Beugen. Steye has two-thirds of his planets in Virgo, so he's very, very Mercurian. He thinks like a philosopher, possibly too much, but a firm Jupiter in Taurus trine Sun compensates for this with plenty of Brabantse Gezelligheid, a Dutch approach to the good life. Saturn trine Neptune gives him a consultantish tone, Saturn trine Eris is interesting but not easy to interpret, Mercury square Galactic Central could be his nose for nonsense. Like and subscribe!

Zondag met Lubach first aired on 9 november 2014, around 21:23 under a confrontational Mars Pluto-conjunction, squared by Uranus. Just right if you want to punch someone in the face. Heliocentrically, Mercury was trining Pluto: great for digging deep and investigative journalism. Mercury and the Galactic Center have the most Golden Aspects: using brainpower and media to reveal truth.