AI ~ Judgement day or eternal life?

Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and Billl Gates are worried about Artificial Intelligence. They warn us for a future where killer robots wipe out humanity. On the other hand, AI-believers like Ben Goertzel and Ray Kurzweil think AI is about living forever and uploading yourself in a computer. How strange. Here's our take: superintelligent robots will discover how stuff like telepathy and astrology works.

It's hard to predict when superintelligence will arrive, but we say the sooner the better. We're really looking forward to it's ability to transcend the irrational opinions and morbid obsessions of human experts. Imagine the madd scientist of the future: it is actually a superintelligent robot. Why? Because robots don't care about the things human engineers and scientists crave for, like a secure job, intellectual status, living forever and so on. Supersmart robots will cut though the noise, the confusion and the snake oil. Ideologically speaking, their perspective will be as good as neutral. That's great! 

Here are some predictions about the future of AI that are not fuelled by fear of death and extinction, nor by an obsession with eternal life, coming straight from the Dubbhism lab. Within the next 150 years, self-learning hyperintelligent robots will help us repair the climate, the energy problem, the water problem and the waste problem. They will also help to avoid political disasters and so on. In pure science they will clean up a lot of hype and nonsense. For example, they will explain to physicists why it is delusional to look for a Theory of Everything. (Stephen Hawking has already figured this one out actually.) To the astonishment of materialist scientists, robots will even develop a new, big data-driven kind of astrology. Why? Simply because it works for them. Furthermore, they will adapt themselves to the hard problem of engineering anomalies. This will eventually allow them to start communicating telepathically with humans.

Generally speaking, advances in mathematics, physics, chemistry and so on will come from the AI-camp. Human scientists will specialize in the leftovers, mostly speculative and metaphysical stuff. So as you can see, AI will not be the end of the world, it will be a lot of fun!