Linux for beginners

In the cases of Google and Facebook, their intimate relation with the military-industrial complex isn't obvious for average users, but the Big Brother-features of Windows 10 are so in-your-face they even scare your mamma. Altho it's hard to predict where this will end, one thing is clear: Linux, the open alternative, is ready to take over.

Even if you need Windows 10 for business, you can install a version of Linux alongside it. In most cases, this should be fairly easy. And it's available for free (or actually, on a donation basis). If you want minimal technical hassle, your best choice is probably Ubuntu. If you want to do music on Linux, you could try KXStudio, which is essentially Ubuntu for musicians (tweaked for low latency etc.).

Looking at DAW-software, the options are still very limited right now, but you should definitely look at Bitwig and Ardour; two serious candidates for professional music production on Linux. The hardware-problem is managable, but don't expect any soundcard to work. And in general, expect learning curves here and there. But once you know JACK you're halfway there most of the time. 

So if you want to liberate yourself from the IT-department of the military-industrial complex, start checking out places like ALSA Project, Libre Music Production, Linux-sound.org and LMMS. Also, get to know the folks at LinuxMusicians and the KXStudio forum.