D.E.A.D. leaves Dubbhism for GM Sounds

D.E.A.D. has left Dubbhism... good riddance... the nastiest kid in the dubbhism stable. Before he closed the door he muttered something about a vinyl release and getting R.E.S.P.E.C.T. but we suspect he sold out because of the Paralympics tickets GM Sounds sent him.

If you missed the first D.E.A.D. album here's your chance to download it (rar file ~ 320). The original blogpost is here and Dieter Doepfers comment is here.

So there it is... Sonic System is clearly a 21st century classic, but when we heard S.T.I.L.L. D.E.A.D. we thought it was even better. That's why we're a bit in denial about this whole thing right now, because in reality we hate to see D.E.A.D. moving to GM Sounds.

Aaaaaanyway, if you want to stay up to date check out GM Sounds on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and don't forget to pre-order your vinyl copy of S.T.I.L.L. D.E.A.D. over here. If that still isn't enough you can even subscribe to the GM Sounds e-mail newsletter.